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The Record Keeper's Makers Express Disappointment at Its Cancellation

13 April 2014 | ALITA BYRD | spectrum
Many people have expressed disappointment that The Record Keeper has been cancelled, including its creators.
On Friday, the General Conference announced that it had decided not to release the web series it had sponsored. The series had been written, filmed and  screened for various audiences around the US, who gave it a positive reception. But the GC, which had been involved in the series' creation, recently expressed reservations about its theological accuracy. The statement about its suspension also said that "church leaders were looking for a much stronger portrayal of the love of God, the creation of a perfect world, the Plan of Salvation and the final renewal of heaven and earth as recorded in the Bible."
The Record Keeper was written by Jason Satterlund (filmmaker and owner of Big Puddle Films), Rajeev Sigamoney (assistant professor of film and television production at Pacific Union College) and Garrett Caldwell (PR director for the General Conference).
I asked the three about their reaction when they heard the news that The Record Keeper had been cancelled. Satterlund and Sigamoney replied, and their complete responses are published here. Read article, here...
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