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Christianity and Homosexuality: Some Seventh-day Adventist Perspectives 

Christianity and Homosexuality: Some Seventh-day Adventist Perspectives

Most of the anguish imposed upon God’s children who grow up LGBTIQ is rooted in a misunderstanding of what the Bible says. Since Adventists claim they are traditionally well-studied in the Bible, shouldn’t they be among the first to clarify this issue for the world?

Many Seventh-day Adventist Christians, from laypeople to seminary professors, have studied the biblical texts related to homosexual acts and have concluded that what the Bible doesn't say is as important as what it does say. The Bible clearly speaks against lust in any form. But above all it does not condemn, or even mention, homosexuality as a sexual orientation, nor does it address transgender identity.

For most heterosexuals, the teaching that homosexuality is a sin presents no problem, so they often see little reason to give the subject much thought. Many of them, due to widespread ignorance on the subject, believe that homosexuality is merely a difficult habit or temptation to be overcome. They fail to comprehend the extreme consequences and implications such a teaching has for the lives of Christians who discover they are LGBTIQ.

For the LGBTIQ person, there is a compelling reason to give the subject a great deal of study. Eternal damnation is too serious a consequence to merely rely on “what we’ve always been taught.” One could hold the view that being homosexual is not a sin so long as “homosexual acts” are not performed. But the result—a life of celibacy—is also too serious simply to rely on what we have always heard.

Below are a few resources that you will find helpful.

Les livres :
Christianisme et Homosexualité : Quelques Perspectives de l'Adventiste du Septième Jour édité par David Ferguson, Fritz Guy, et David Larson

Les enfants sont libres par le révérend Jeff Miner et John Tyler Connoley

Essais :
Eden’s Gifts” by Catherine Taylor
What the Bible Says about Homosexuality” by Eloise May
Homosexuality and the Bible” by Walter Wink
What the Bible Says—And Doesn't Say—About Homosexuality” by Mel White
The Bible, Christianity, and Homosexuality” by Justin Cannon

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