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Freddie Mercury LGBT History Month October 26, 2014

Friday’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges from the Supreme Court means that loving couples across the United States will be able to marry in all 50 states. Love won at the highest court in the land. It is a momentous victory.

Kinship recognizes the people of faith who joined together in grassroots organizing in a decades-long journey to reach this milestone. It is due to those before us, whose hard work and struggle allow us to celebrate the freedom to marry who we love. It is because of affirming people of faith coming together with one voice for justice that propels this movement forward.

As we celebrate marriage equality in the U.S., we look forward to the issues that still face the LGBT community. We know that the work of affirming people of faith is not over. It is time for churches to move beyond merely accepting and tolerating LGBT people, but rather to affirm us, whether we are in full agreement or understanding. Even with different viewpoints and opinions, we can agree that God’s love is expansive enough to include all people of faith, beyond our differences, through our shared humanity.

Marriage equality is still needed in a majority of countries around the world. Looking forward, we must fight for greater workplace protections for LGBT people. We must bring an end to the bullying of LGBT children and youth. We must end LGBT homelessness. We must bring an end to the violence against transgender people. Especially to trans women of color. To address poverty. To fight for LGBT-inclusive healthcare, to fight for racial justice, for international LGBT human rights, and for LGBT seniors and their families.

Kinship has been fighting for these issues for almost forty years, and we will continue to fight to build this community. While acknowledging the hard work ahead, we take this moment to celebrate the change that has arrived. A dream of generations has been realized. We celebrate and take pride.

Thank you for joining us on this journey as we seek to bring full justice and equality to LGBT people around the world.


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