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Adventist “Holy Sexuality Conference” cancelled

patheos logo  April 14, 2015 by 

: Further clarification from the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists below.
My former denomination continues to make headlines, though not in the way they’d like, I think. Ben Carson has been saying things like homosexuality “absolutely” is a choice. Though he later apologized I don’t think he suddenly changed his mind. It’s more like the apology I used to offer my parents: I’m sorry I got caught. Or worse, I’m sorry some people were offended. The classic non-apology.

In the past few days, American Adventists have been making a mess in London, where they planned to hold an event called Holy Sexuality Conference. The event has now been cancelled, thanks to over 40,000 signatures on the Change.org petition.

Read more: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/yearwithoutgod/2015/04/14/adventist-holy-sexuality-conference-cancelled/#ixzz3XKCh2wzI

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