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Message from the President



No, really how is it going with you? In America this is used simply as a greeting, rather than an actual question about someone's well being. It might come from way back when America was a young country and a gentleman would politely ask a woman, "How do you do ma'am"? when he was being introduced to her, not really expecting an answer. In Germany, and very possibly in other countries around the world, when you ask someone "Wie geht's?" you are actually asking them how things are going and you expect a detailed answer. Of course you wouldn't just ask an acquaintance this question. It is mostly proper to ask a family member or a friend. And if you ask, then be prepared to actually listen. It isn't a superficial thing.

One of the frustrating things for Kinship leaders is to be notified of a new member in their area and they send out a welcome letter. And then never hear anything back in return. Not even an acknowledgment of receiving the welcome note. I know we all have been afraid of being found out or exposed when we don't want to be. Our leaders know that and will do everything in their power to protect you, but they need to know that is what you are needing. I don't know how many of our members actually read this note each month or any of our emails. I can attest that quite a bit of effort goes into creating emails, programming, zooms, social media posting and a ton more, from our wonderful team of 100% volunteer leaders. If we don't hear from you, we don't know if we are doing a good job or really sucky. We have a super diverse demographic and we aim to reach everyone at least some of the time. So if you are reading this note, drop us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know you are there reading and that you appreciate, or don't appreciate what Kinship creates for our membership. Better yet, send a note to your regional/chapter/demographic leader and let them know they are appreciated. You will make them smile. A genuine thank you is worth more than a paycheck for all the volunteers who do this as a labor of love. Each of you is appreciated and loved unconditionally by God. Remember that you aren't broken or in need of fixing. It is the church and those who tell you otherwise, who need to be fixed. So, how's it going with you today?

Kampmeeting registration is open and we are looking forward to welcoming each of you at Kampmeeting 2022 in Orlando, Florida. If you haven't yet registered, please do so ASAP on the website. The low, low price is about to go up.

Scholarships are still available if you are needing extra help with the Kampmeeting fees. The hotel has given us a low rate, and if you partner up with someone else in a double queen bed room, it makes it even more affordable. Breakfast is included in the room price and Kinship is paying for a couple of the daytime meals. We are making it as affordable as possible for everyone to attend. I'd love to see a record breaking attendance this year and want to welcome you in person to fun days of fellowshipping with queer current and former Adventists and supportive parents and allies where we can all be genuine and not have to hide who we really are.

Floyd PoenitzPresident
   Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International, Inc.
   @KinshipPrez (on Twitter)


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