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(In 1997. Carrol Grady, the author of My Son, Beloved Stranger (1995), started a support group for parents and families of gays and lesbians, which included a monthly newsletter and later an email group and the website Someone-to-Talk-To. She continued this ministry until circa 2015 when her health and other commitments forced her to stop.)

The purpose of this ministry for Adventist families and friends of gays and lesbians is:

  • to provide a listening ear for parents who desperately need a "safe" person to talk to,
  • to help parents work through their initial emotions of shock, anger, shame, grief, and pain,
  • to enable parents to get past focusing on their own suffering so they can begin to understand their children's situations and the confusion and rejection they have experienced much of their lives,
  • to encourage parents to demonstrate God's unconditional love to their children, and
  • to provide information and resources in the hope that they will help our church to move beyond ignorance and prejudice and to reach out with true compassion and understanding to those who so often have not been treated the way Jesus modeled.