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Editor's Note

editors note

The year 2020 was a very complicated year for the entire world: wildfires in the United States and Australia, contested elections in the United States and in other places, and worldwide protests against racism, all while navigating daily life amidst a global pandemic. Many of us have made it thus far, and 2021 will have its challenges as well. As I look forward to 2021, I am hopeful for vaccines and I am grateful for the increase in technology that has helped us remain connected even when in different locations.

The Connection magazine is a place for members to share their stories with other members. It’s also a place to promote useful resources for our membership, highlight events that have happened, and learn about major Kinship projects. Kinship’s theme for 2021 is“Loved and Affirmed.”

In this issue and in future issues this year, we hope that each person reading will know that they are loved and affirmed by God, and to have the bravery to love and affirm themselves, exactly as they are, right now. You do not need the permission of the church, your family, a partner, or anyone else. And as we learn to love and affirm ourselves more each day, it will help us love and affirm others in our community as well. Through it all, Kinship remains a community, and kinship is committed to affirming our member's identities, advocating for LGBT+ people in Adventistspaces, and working to create a better world.

As we move into 2021, whether you are physically alone, quarantined, dealing with the realities of a global pandemic, serving on the frontlines in hospitals, schools, and grocery stores, know that you are loved. Your life matters. Your story matters, and we invite you to share it with us.

Reach out and connect with us, on Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, and email. You are not alone, and your Kinship family is here.

Justin Mezetin, Director of Communications

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