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2018 Kinship Elections

Kinship is led by a team of volunteers. Every year Kinship holds elections, for 2-year leadership terms starting at Kampmeeting. This year the following positions are up for election.

If you are willing to run for any of the open positions: APPLY HERE

All applications must be received by February 5!



All Officers must be Regular Members at least twenty‐five years of age, must have been members for at least one year, and must possess a college degree, certificate, or its equivalent as determined by the Board.

  • Ensure that records of all the business of Kinship are kept and maintained, minutes of the  meetings of the Board and the membership meetings, and business correspondence;
  • Maintain a current Leadership Directory;
  • Ensure that proper notice is given as required;
  • Chair the Governance Committee; and;
  • Submit to the Board an annual work plan identifying the specific activities and collaborative  ventures to be carried out during the forthcoming fiscal year;
  • Serve as chief executive officer of the corporation
  • Represent the corporation in dealing with other corporations and businesses, including the signing of contracts
  • Sit in an ex officio capacity, without vote, on all committees except the nominating committee
  • Coordinate and chair membership meetings, board meetings, and executive committee meetings, when present
  • Maintain communication with the board between meetings
  • Report regularly to the membership.
Director of Church Relations
  • Act as the chief liaison between Kinship and the Seventh-day Adventist church
  • Monitor or facilitate monitoring the affairs of the Seventh-day Adventist church and report regularly to the President and/or the Board and/or the organization’s newsletter
  • Assist the Director of Kampmeeting with the identification and procurement of clergy for Kampmeeting participation, and assist with their education and preparation
  • Maintain a list of, and keep in contact with, clergy who have attended Kampmeeting and with other clergy and denominational employees who are supportive of Kinship
  • Act as a conduit for communication with the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Serve on the Kampmeeting Committee
  • Chair the Advisory Council and facilitate communication between the Board and the Council.
Director of Women's Interests
  • Serve as an advocate for women’s issues and concerns within the organization
  • Assist in the facilitation of networking and encourage and support participation among women members
  • Organize, facilitate, or delegate activities to implement the above
  • Advise and assist the Director of Communications in regard to outreach to women
  • Serve to help keep SDA Kinship financially sound by overseeing fundraising activities and developing relationships with volunteers and donors.
  • Develop strategies to secure grants; solicit individual or corporate donations; or organize  fundraising activities, such as social events, telemarketing, direct mail, or sponsorships;
  • Create, maintain, and manage donor database for fundraising purposes;
  • Work with the Communications Team to plan advertising, public relations, and promotions so as  to keep SDA Kinship visible to make it easier to obtain donations;
  • Advise and assist the Executive Committee in regard to fundraising strategies and campaigns;
  • Chair the Development Committee; and
  • Submit to the Board an annual work plan identifying the specific activities and collaborative ventures to be carried out during the forthcoming fiscal year.

Additional Qualifications:

The Director of Communications shall have at least one year of applied experience in some area of the communication field.  

  • Oversee and coordinate the organization’s communication strategies, including any internet sites and all printed and electronic channels, including social media platforms.

  • Work to promote Kinship’s purposes and objectives as described in the Mission Statement  and Vision Statement;   

  • Oversee the planning, design, and maintenance of a public relations strategy to promote  visibility of the activities of the organization;   

  • Oversee the preparation, production, proofreading, publication, and distribution of any  official corporate publications, while adhering to any policies, procedures, and budget  established by the Board;  

  • Establish and enforce the specifications of the SDA Kinship logo;

  • Chair the Communications Committee; and  

  • Submit to the Board an annual work plan identifying the specific activities and collaborative ventures to be carried out during the forthcoming fiscal year.

Message from the President
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