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Jesus never looked the other way, and neither should we!

Every LGBTQIA+ person has someone in their family who is accepting, struggling, or rejecting them. We want families to develop strong, safe paths of communication between themselves and their LGBTQIA+ family members, even when disagreements linger. 

Discovering a relative is LGBTQIA+ can be emotional, difficult, and complex. While walking, or having walked this path before, members of SDA Kinship’s family community use their experience and knowledge to develop strong, safe paths of communication between themselves and their LGBTQIA+ family members, even when disagreements linger.  

Upcoming Events

You are invited to join our monthly Family & Friends Roundtable discussions on the 3rd Sunday each month. They start at 9:30 AM west coast time - and everyone is welcome. We usually have a target subject for discussion but we start with “meet and greet” to connect folks around the world.  

We welcome people asking questions or sharing needs and hearing ideas from all attendees. Everyone and every comment are valuable. 

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Why join Families and Friends

Here are a few comments we’ve heard over the past year: As we’ve read many of your comments - they match and support our goals - and, hopefully, they connect with your thoughts and needs too - here are some comments - 

  • “As a church, we need to do a better job of loving people”  
  • “My young teenage daughter just came out as a transgender - what should I do ?” 
  • “My adult child came out as a bisexual - now what - I and we need to know more ?” 
  • “Both of my children are in the LGBTQIA+ community” 
  • “Joined to support my lesbian daughter and find friendships and fellowship” 
  • “My daughter is lesbian - she came out and I went into my closet - couldn’t find safe SDA places to talk and learn more” 
  • “I heard an anti-gay sermon at church and was quite disappointed” 
  • Happy and safe places like Kinship are available. I hope to become a good ally ... I’m excited to join and become part of something good !!” 

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Carolyn and I have been active SDA Kinship members for approaching 20 years. We had a gay son for 49 years - unfortunately, in 2011 he had a fatal unexpected brain aneurism - but we did have over 25 years of experiences, connections, and family lessons with him and his partners.  

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John and Carolyn Wilt


Brasilian Family & Friends Coordinator
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eNews - Monthly Articles - Family

Every month we write an article addressing various needs and challenges for families and friends as they walk beside their loved LGBTQIA+ family members. Please feel free to comment back to us and provide new topics if you have good information to pass on to our families.