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Post Season

dwidmer smHere we are in the baseball post season again. It is amazing to watch teams make their final out...the out that sends them home. There's the cheering and high-fiving from the winning team. Then there's the downcast faces of the losing team. No matter what, one team moves on and one team goes home.

What's most interesting is the post-game interviews. No one blames the person who made the last out. Instead, it is recognized that it is a team sport. "We didn't capitalize on our opportunities…. We left everything on the field…. We are a good team, but they played better."

We is an inclusive word, highlighting the fact that they all had a part to play in the win or loss.

As family members, we have the privilege and the opportunity to have that same team ideal. We are family. We stick together. We give it our all. We love unconditionally.

The Olive Garden has this tag line: "When you're here, you are family."

I suggest we change it slightly: "We are family, we want you here."

Parents and family, find God's grace to live out that tag line today.

Debbie Widmer
Family Coordinator

Journey - Chapter 13