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When I think about what you might want to hear about each month, I think about the events Kinship leaders have organized, the updated website, the projects that are important for our mission and the amazing things happening in Africa and elsewhere around the world where Kinship members are making a difference for our community. I also want to share things that offer support and encouragement.

What’s on my mind at this moment is our annual Kinship elections. Each year, we search for members who feel a desire or call to contribute to Kinship by running for one of the open positions.

Some board members have been on the board or in a leadership position for several years. Others have served, taken a break, but came back to help out again.

The positions up for election or appointment differ in the skills and knowledge they require. But the most difficult issue is finding members willing to step forward at all. Those of us who continue to work many hours each week or, like Floyd and Linda, every single day, often hear that members don’t feel it’s worth taking the time to vote because “the same folks are running for the positions” or “why vote when there is only one candidate?”

Have you ever wondered why the same folks run or there’s only one candidate running for any given position? It’s because not enough members are engaged or invested enough in Kinship to run themselves. Members will say that there are no events happening near them, yet when events are scheduled, few choose to attend. What could I write that would inspire and motivate you?

We have just under 3,000 members internationally, and I don’t care for calling folks out in a negative way. But as a coordinator myself, I could tell you how it feels to send out a communication and not get a single response. So I’m going to try to inspire and motivate you in a more positive manner. I know that our members are some of the most talented and amazing individuals on this planet. And I also know that we care for and about each other in a real and genuine way. Kinship needs your talent and awesomeness right now. We need it every day, and particularly when our elections are coming up in July.

You will see that the positions up for election this year are Vice President, Treasurer, Director of Communication, Director of Development, and Director of Youth Interests. So far there is at least one candidate in each position except for Director of Development. This year, let’s make sure all of these positions have more than one candidate! We’ll need you to make that happen.

Kinship is full of fabulous individuals with so much talent it’s overflowing. Please consider sharing your talents with our community. Kinship needs you.

Yolanda Elliott
SDA Kinship International

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