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Heard, Understood, and Loved: My Weekend With Gay Christians

15 January 2015 | JEFFERSON CLARK| spectrum


In a society where LGBT individuals are ignored, victimized, and criticized by both secular and Christian communities, LGBT Christians face just as much or even more disapproval. Wait. Gay AND Christian? Many respond, “That’s a myth,” or, “That’s ethically AND morally AND biblically impossible!” But they’re not unicorns; gay Christians exist; I attended a conference full of them.
With almost 1,500 attendees who traveled from all over North America and from as far away as Australia, the Gay Christian Network (GCN) Conference is the largest gathering of LGBT Christians in the world. Meeting in Portland, Oregon this year, the conference’s controversial nature even attracted protestors from the infamous Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas.
Founded by Justin Lee, an activist for LGBT Christians, GCN is a nonprofit organization that offers resources to the LGBT community and allies on topics regarding their spiritual walk and sexual or gender identity. The conference brings together hundreds of Christians for fellowship, worship, and support who all share a common thread: attendees are Christian, LGBT, allies, and/or seeking resources and answers. Read full article here...
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