It is with great sadness that we inform you that Deborah Anne Elliott passed away on January 25, 2021 at the age of 65. Deb was Yolanda Elliott's sister and had been battling multiple sclerosis for many years. Deb served as Kinship's accountant at one point and through the years she was always supportive of Yolanda as she served in her many Kinship roles, including currently serving as President. Deb lived in the home with Yolanda who spent many hours each day lovingly taking care of her sister.

Our sincere and deep condolences to Yolanda and the family and friends who loved Deb dearly. We know this is a great and painful loss. Please keep Yolanda in your prayers. If you wish you, can drop her a note to express your sympathy. Yolanda, we surround you with love and caring.

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SDA Kinship is a community. But what is a community? The definition says: a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

I frequently say, when asked, that one of SDA Kinship’s goals is to build community. The challenge is that we are a very diverse group with layers and layers of “uniqueness” and diversity that we bring to the community table. So what is the characteristic that we have in common? What the church sees as the brokenness of our orientation and gender, we see as a blessing.

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“Learning” is an interesting and complex process. All living creatures learn as they grow and mature. If you think about that process, it’s easy to recall watching your pets learn to find food, chase toys, or hide from you when you are looking for them. Also think about yourself or your children as you learned to walk, talk, play, read, and even think and make decisions. 

So learning is really gathering information or experiences to make, hopefully, excellent decisions. Where are those decisions made? All decisions originate in our brain and transfer to the muscles, organs, and emotions to protect us and help us survive. Yes, some reactions appear to develop naturally through our genetics, but we develop and learn most of them as our brains and ourselves mature.

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 Robert & Reading

I assumed 1983 would bring change, but I didn’t expect it to begin on January 1st.

After New Year’s dinner with some of my mother’s friends, I felt restless. Socializing with people who knew nothing of my present experience made me tired. I called a friend and went out.

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