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April 2018 eNews

Dear friends,

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Kinship Kampmeeting 2018

Kinship Kampmeeting 2018 is July 11-14 and our Women & Children First Retreat is July 6-11 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States!

Kampmeeting takes place at the Homewood Suites at BWI and our Women & Children First Retreat takes place July 6-11 at a place near downtown Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

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European Kinship Meeting

September 6-10 in Vienna

SDA Kinship’s annual European Kinship Meeting (EKM) takes place September 6-10 in Vienna, Austria, a city famous for its cultural events, imperial sights, coffee houses, cozy wine taverns, and the very special Viennese charm.

The location for EKM is Don Bosco Haus, a Center of Continuing Education that has comfortable places to sleep, food for vegetarians and meat eaters, a very nice meeting room for our gatherings, and very calm surroundings.

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Out Spoken

Mensagem do Presidente

A tradução em português brasileiro estará disponível em breve!

A few days ago, the SDA Kinship leadership team met in Baltimore, Maryland, for our annual Spring Board Meeting where we spent a lot of time working on new initiatives to build a better tomorrow for our members and allies. You’ll get more details about these initiatives in the coming weeks.

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2018 Kinship Elections

Kinship is led by a team of volunteers. Every year Kinship holds elections, for 2-year leadership terms starting at Kampmeeting. This year the following positions are up for election.

If you are willing to run for any of the open positions: APPLY HERE

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Kampmeeting 2018 - Save The Date & Register

Kinship Kampmeeting 2018 is July 11-14 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States and our theme will be "Building for a Better Tomorrow!" 

Kampmeeting is our annual conference where we come together to renew friendships, make new friends, enjoy entertainment, renew our faith and more.

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Comissão do SDA Kinship: Criação do novo logotipo

O grupo Kinship dos adventistas do sétimo dia, International, Inc. (SDA Kinship) iniciou o processo de criação de um novo logotipo que melhor representa a organização na era digital. Isso faz parte de um maior esforço de repaginagem enquanto trabalhamos para melhorar nossa presença impressa e on-line.

"Queríamos envolver os nossos membros ao longo do processo para que tenhamos um consenso sobre o que o logotipo deveria ser",  segundo a opinião  de  Clinton Sorzano, diretor de comunicações da SDA Kinship.

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A Sanctuary for Conversation Workshop


Connect with SDA Kinship at GCN 2018 in Denver


Floyd Poenitz
Vice President

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by Debbie Widmer, Family and Friends Coordinator

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and it’s not over yet. First was preschool graduation, with those adorable children in miniature caps and gowns waving their hands, unashamedly, at their parents. Next came eighth-grade graduation a week later. These young people tried out their adult looks—awkwardly child-like one moment and boldly confident the next. Today was an academy graduation. These graduates are on the brink of adulthood, making adult decisions about their futures.

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An Open Letter to Any Parent of an LGBTIAQ+ Child

From: Kris and Debbie Widmer.

Recently and ongoingly (Kris is a poet and wordsmith so occasionally he forges odd words), transgender people have been in the news. The world and national news and the internal news that Adventists hear through their social media and other communication channels.

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My People

My People

(A column I wrote for our church newsletter.)

No. I will not. Don't bother asking. I will not do it. I know what the rule book says. I know about tradition. I know all the Bible texts. I know those who are urging me to do it speak from longstanding, venerable conviction. I understand all that. But I will not do it. I will not shut the door on my kids. I will not say to any of them, “not my people.”

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