Discovering that a relative is LGBTIQ can be difficult for families, who often feel alone.

SDA Kinship’s family community is diverse and includes experienced and supportive family members: parents, pastors, church administrators, and other professionals, all having a common bond—an LQBTIQ+ family member. 

Discovering a relative is LGBTIQ+ can be emotional, difficult, and complex. While walking, or having walked this path before, members of SDA Kinship’s family community have used their experience and knowledge to develop strong, safe paths of communication between themselves and their LGBTIQ+ family members, even when disagreements linger. 

They are available and happy to share their stories and experiences.

If someone in your family is LQBTIQ+ and you are currently struggling with how to best love your LQBTIQ+ family member and reconcile that with your Seventh-day Adventist or Christian beliefs, or if you have already made progress on that journey, SDA Kinship’s Family Community welcomes you and wants to support you on your journey.

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We humans enjoy connecting. We connect with family members on special occasions. Many of us enjoyed the weekly connections with friends at Sabbath services when they were allowed, and we look forward to returning to those times again.

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Mankind enjoys connecting with each other. How many of you look forward to seeing and connecting with your own families for celebrations, special gatherings, or just relaxing and having fun together?? How do you feel when a scheduled gathering is canceled or you can’t attend?

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Kinship Family & Friends wants to become experts and promoters of those three actions. 
Carolyn and John strongly believe that by CONNECTING all interested Family & Friends members we can enrich and enlarge our support and participation in Kinship's goals to make life better for all of its members and their willing family members. Imagine doubling or tripling active involvement of LGBTQ+ family members within their own families, with other families, and with other Kinship members. 

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Today's world is a bit chaotic! A few weeks ago our political world was filled with various discussions, opinions, needs, and desires and gatherings. Our physical world was moving out of wintertime and looking forward to springtime with less snow, tornadoes, and rain, and more wildflowers and wonderful sunsets. Suitcases and hiking backpacks were coming out of their closets getting ready for fun trips, looking forward to cruises, vacations, school proms and graduations, and spring break. 
Then suddenly our world changed!

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Feelings are the world’s universal language. Do you have feelings? Do you know where they come from? Or what caused them? Do they impact your life? Are they important to you and your life? YES should have been your answer for every question. Our feelings are us. They reflect where we are emotionally at the time we felt them.

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Carolyn and I felt honored and humbled when we were invited to become coordinators of the Kinship Family & Friends activities. We have been loving and supporting members along with our gay son Aric for many years. Unfortunately, he lived in New York City so we didn’t physically attend together.

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Featured programs

Kinship Seniors aims to provide mutual support by providing information and lively discussions.

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KinYouth provides a safe community for Kinship members who are under 30 years of age.

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KinWomen provides a safe place for women to support each other, and share life experiences.

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Kinship's trans community includes members who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming,  gender fluid, or intersex.

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Discovering that a relative is LGBTIQ can be difficult for families, who often feel alone.

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Seeking to improve the relationship between the LGBTIQ community and the Adventist Church.