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“Am I a Bad Christian for Loving My LGBTQ Child?”

April 13, 2015 by   |  patheos logo

This post is by Laura Statesir, our Director of Family and Youth:

I was talking a while ago with some parents who were struggling with how to navigate their son coming out as gay. This mother and father love their son fiercely and just want what is best for his life. They are deeply devoted Christians who seek to glorify God in all they do. Because they don’t condone same-sex relationships, they were unsure how to love and interact with their gay son while remaining faithful to their beliefs.

We discussed their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. As we chatted about resources and next steps, I heard an almost palpable sense of fear in their tone. Finally they voiced the deeper question that drove all their worries, “Are we wrong if we unconditionally love and support our son?”

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