• km2019 logo1 250In recognition that some Kampmeeting attendees have a serious sensitivity or allergic reaction to various scented products, we have adopted a fragrance-free policy. This means that scented personal products such as perfumes, colognes, lotions, and powders that are perceptible to others should not be worn by attendees. Other scented products (candles, potpourri, aerosol sprays, and similar items) are also not permitted in the Kampmeeting gathering areas.

  • Attendees required by medical necessity to use medicinal lotions or skin creams that contain odors perceptible to others may request a reasonable accommodation from Kampmeeting staff. Any attendee with a concern about scents or odors should contact any Kampmeeting staff member as soon as possible in person or via email at
  • There will be a QRCode on your confirmation email after completing registration. Attendees should bring a copy of that confirmation with them.

  • Kampmeeting registrants may be asked to provide a valid and current PHOTO ID** (driver's license, state-issued non-drivers ID, student ID, military ID, or passport) when picking up their registration packet and any time they enter a Kampmeeting event. 

  • Attendees must wear Kampmeeting lanyards/ badges on their outer garment for admittance to all Kampmeeting sessions. They must also be prepared to show their valid photo ID** if/when requested.

* Full Registration does include Thursday and Friday Dinners, Saturday (Sabbath Day) Lunch and the Kampmeeting T-shirt.

**Our goal is for Kampmeeting to be a safe and welcoming space for everyone. This includes our transgender and gender non-conforming attendees. We acknowledge the sensitivities concerning having to prove your identity. If you are uncomfortable showing your ID, please send an email to We will do everything possible to make your Kampmeeting experience enjoyable, safe, and welcoming.


On Sabbath morning, Kinship in Concert is a time where we usually have a team of individuals lead us in song service. In addition, you can also share any musical selections you may have.

Get Involved: Please select which areas you would like to participate:

On Saturday evening, the talent show is a time to show off your God-given skills. Feel free to bring props, costumes, and dress up as you deem appropriate. If we are lucky, we may even have a brief fashion show.


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