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Stop Letting Trans People Die

Posted: 02/20/2015 12:44 pm EST Updated: 02/20/2015 12:59 pm EST |  by Mya Adriene Byrne | huffpost gay voices


A few weeks agoin the Advocate, I wrote that every trans death indicts our society. That parents, friends and allies should make safe space open and available to trans people, especially the youngest of us, who are most at risk. Safe harbor is hard to come by for all trans and queer folks, though, especially for trans women of color.

But when death comes at home, at the hands of a parent or a lover, we advocates ask ourselves -- who were the people who could have saved them? Where was their safe space?

These stories keep flooding trans activists' news feeds and discussions. Yet, greater society does not seem to hear us. We trans folks and activists see them every day: Trans folks' lives dismissed, erased, diminished, ended. Burned. In the first five weeks of 2015 there have been at least six and possibly eight known killings of trans people.When will you stop letting us die? Read the full article...
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