Regions, Chapters, and Groups
Kinship proudly has members throughout the United States and an increasing number of members in other areas of the world. To help communicate and reach out to its diverse membership, Kinship uses a system of regions and groups.

Currently, there are nine United States regions and other regions in every inhabited continent in the world. Coordinators and members within these areas help communicate with members and often sponsor meetings, socials, picnics, potluck dinners, workshops, worship and recreational activities. The frequency and type of activities depend largely on the number and proximity of members living within each region.  

Feel free to reach out directly to the coordinators for groups/regions below. Note: Most regions and areas have secret/unlisted Facebook groups or Whats App chat rooms. The majority of local events and gatherings for all cities are included on our calendar, yet for more information contact the group directly. You must be a registered member of Kinship to be added to these groups or to get on the local mailing list. Join Kinship.

dwidmer smFamily Coordinator: Debbie Widmer

The coming out process can be a difficult journey for the person's family, who usually feel there is no one they can talk to about this issue. Kinship's Family Coordinator offers resources to make this an easier transition.

A website, Someone To Talk To, a book, My Son, Beloved Stranger, a DVD, Open Heart, Open Hand, and the Facebook group for Family members, some of the resources available for families. The book and DVD can be ordered online at

If you have a family member who is LGBTIQA and you'd like support for the journey, please join SDA Kinship today.

daneenakersFriends Coordinator: Daneen Akers 

If you are a supportive straight friend or ally, you can become a Kinship member and participate in the Facebook group for Friends. In recent years, these supportive friends have been honored with a special tribute and complimentary meal at the annual Kinship Kampmeeting.

A book, My Son, Beloved Stranger, a DVD, Open Heart, Open Hand, can be ordered online at

If you have a friend who is LGBTIQA and you'd like to learn to be more supportive of him/her, please join SDA Kinship today to help foster a supportive community.

debbieht 50Women's Coordinator: Debbie Hawthorn-Toop 

KinWomen is all about the women of Kinship. The group is comprised of every age, nationality, profession, educational background, with and without diverse as any group could be but with a common connection to the Seventh-day Adventist faith. And it's what they have in common that brings them together and keeps them coming back for more.

They stay connected by many different means. Members attend regional events, Women & Children First (a women's retreat), Kampmeeting, mini-kampmeetings or they stay connected through postings on the KinWomen Facebook Group and a password protected chat area, specifically for KinWomen.

Sometimes the women need a safe place to express things going on in their lives without the input of the men of Kinship (as much as they may love them!). They are most definitely there for each other in any way that is needed, in laughter and tears. They are family, not by birth, but by choice!

Jaden Rajah 100Youth Coordinator: Jaden Rajah 

This group is for Kinship members who are under 30 years of age.

KinYouth Coordinador Español: Carlos Pajuelo 
Location: Caracas
Phone: +58-414-8170002 (Cel) 

Youth Coordinator for Australia: Ben Reuter

Region 1

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island & Vermont

The Northeastern United States comprise Region One. The Region extends from New England down to New Jersey and from the Atlantic Ocean inward through the state of Pennsylvania. Thus the Region includes the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

The region currently has about 125 active members, the largest concentration of which is in the New York City metropolitan area. Group activities are planned for every couple of months and include field trips and dinners together. For the past few years, Thanksgiving has been shared together by the membership. And on occasion members attend church together in western Massachusetts. The locations for other events have centered in Hartford, CT, Springfield, MA, New York City, and Providence, RI. Members communicate activities and interests via a regional newsletter.

Region One revels in its diversity. Members are of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, spiritual interests, and economic conditions. There are construction workers, social workers, lawyers, medical professionals, educators, and professional students. Some members have children.

David and CatherineRegion Coordinator:
David Thaxton, Angel Rivera, & Catherine Taylor email icon 35
New York City Chapter Leaders:
Bruce and Eddie email icon 35

Region 2

D.C., Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia

There are more than 175 members in the Mid-Atlantic Region with the largest segment living in the Washington, D.C. area. This group of members include women, college students and former SDA pastors.

Activities held in suburban Maryland include a monthly vesper service on the second Friday evening of the month, and a social event on the fourth weekend of the month. Other enjoyable events include pool parties, cookouts, potlucks, movies and miniature golf. Smaller groups also get together on short notice for dinner and movies. Recently, the members of Region 2 hosted the annual East Coast Kampmeeting in Rehoboth.

A North Carolina group is growing in number and plans to meet together on occasion, however, distance keeps them from the regular meetings with the group in suburban Maryland.

For more information about this active and growing region, please contact the Region coordinator.

yolanda elliott2014 50Region Coordinator:
Yolanda Elliott (Yolanda lives in suburban Washington, DC) email icon 35

Asheville Chapter Leader:
 Ron Lawson email icon 35

Region 3

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee
Region Coordinator:
Andrew Rester email icon 35
Central Florida Chapter Leaders:
 Eduard email icon 35
Greater Miami Chapter Leader:
 Michel email icon 35
Southwest Florida Chapter Leader:
Juan email icon 35
Chattanooga Chapter Leader:
 Pearl email icon 35

Region 4

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin

Warm greetings from America’s heartland. Region 4 members are spread over all nine states with larger concentrations in Chicago and Minneapolis. This region has been the home of several Kinship presidents and Kinship’s annual Kampmeeting was held in Minnesota in 1998.

Region Coordinator:
Open email icon 35
Andrews University/Michigan Chapter Leader:
Juanita email icon 35
St. Louis Chapter Leader:
Edgar Umana email icon 35

Region 5

Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas

Region 5 consists of 5 south-central states: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Kinship members are scattered throughout this region with the biggest concentration in Dallas, Texas. Members gather from time to time at various homes around the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex for fellowship meals, swimming, watching movies, etc.

Sabbath is a time when we can worship together at a local SDA church in Dallas (usually Dallas First SDA Church) and then head over to Souper Salads for lunch and lively discussions. We’d love to have you join us!

For more information about upcoming events please contact Floyd.

FloydPoenitz 50Region Coordinator:
Floyd Poenitz  (Floyd lives in suburban Dallas-Fort Worth) email icon 35
FloydPoenitz 50North Texas Chapter Leader:
Floyd Poenitz  (Floyd lives in suburban Dallas-Fort Worth) email icon 35

Region 6

Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming

Kinship members in region six tend to be concentrated in the cities, including Lincoln, Denver, Albuquerque and Salt Lake City. The challenges in distance are compensated by the nature of the land and the people. This region is interested in developing local chapters along the Front Range of Colorado and in eastern Nebraska. Simply finding each other and being able to share is a real and special joy.

Region Coordinator:
Open email icon 35
Nebraska Chapter Leader:
Open email icon 35
Albuquerque Chapter Leader:
Cheryl email icon 35
Boulder/Denver Chapter Leader:  
Open  email icon 35

Region 7

Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

This progressive region of the country has served as the host to Kinship Kampmeetings in the past and was the site of the 2009 Kinship Kampmeeting which was held in Seattle, Washington. Most of this region's activities revolve around the urban centers of Seattle and Portland. It's membership is diverse and talented.

spencer familyRegion Coordinator:
Stephanie Spencer email icon 35

Walla Walla Valley Chapter Leader:
Terry email icon 35
Seattle Chapter Leader:
Christina email icon 35
Siskiyou Chapter Leader:
Daniel Mark email icon 35

Region 8

Northern California, Hawaii, and Nevada

This vibrant Kinship group has most of its activities in the Bay Area and Sacramento, meeting the third Saturday of each month for regional meetings, and regularly for a wide range of activities.

Although members live as far south as Bakersfield and as far north as the California-Oregon border, members are connected through the Region 8 News and Views, a regional newsletter which is published monthly. Through a secret Facebook group members can connect daily or as often as members wish!

Our members include active church members, former members of the church, spouses of Adventists and just friends. Whether it is attending church together, going to museums, art shows, movies, concerts, or camping in the Sierra, this group is well-connected and enthusiastic.

obed vazquez 50Region Coordinator:
Obed Vazquez-Ortiz email icon 35
Pismo Beach Chapter Leaders:
Denise and Sylvia email icon 35
Sacramento Chapter Leaders:
(Open) email icon 35
San Francisco Chapter Leader:
Peter email icon 35
Siskiyou Chapter Leader:
Daniel Mark  email icon 35

Region 9

Arizona and Southern California

With one of the largest Kinship memberships, Region 9 includes southern California and Arizona. Most the region's activities occur in the Glendale, Palm Springs or Loma Linda-La Sierra areas.

Region 9 has often served as the host of Kinship board meeting (warmer in the winter time!) and members are active in an array of activities from church to the arts to health care to media. This region has clearly been one of the traditional Kinship strongholds. And happily, this region also hosts some of the most gay-friendly Adventist churches.

If you are visiting Southern California in particular, don't hesitate to contact the Region 9 Leadership Team.

KristinaB2015 50Region Coordinator:
Kristina Burgos email icon 35

Inland Empire Chapter Leader:
 Open email icon 35
arleene chow 50Greater Los Angeles Chapter Leader:
Arleene Chow email icon 35

jocanderson 50Palm Springs Chapter Leader:
Joc Anderson email icon 35

Africa Regional Contact  African Leadership Team email icon 35

Kinship Kenya Coordinator  Rena Otieno email icon 35
rena otieno 50

Kinship Lesotho Contact   (Open) email icon 35

Kinship Uganda Contact  Joseph email icon 35

Kinship South Africa Contact  (Open) email icon 35

Kinship Zimbabwe Contact  Colbert email icon 35
Kinship Philippines Contact  (Open)  email icon 35

Manila Chapter Greeter  Elizabeth email icon 35

Kinship Indonesia Greeter  Victor Elvis  email icon 35

Kinship South Korea Greeter  KC email icon 35

Kinship Malaysia/Singapore Gretter  Adam email icon 35

Kinship Taiwan Greeter  Braden Rico email icon 35
Australian Coordinator  Australian Leadership Team  email icon 35

Australian Women's Coordinator  email icon 35

Australian Youth Coordinator  Ben Reuter email icon 35
Eastern Canada  Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island 
jmckay 50 Eastern Canada Coordinator  Jerry McKay email icon 35

Western Canada  British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Alberta, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan 
debbieht 50 Western Canada Coordinator Debbie Hawthorn-Toop email icon 35

Vancouver/Fraser Valley Chapter Leader  (Open) email icon 35

Alberta Chapter Leader  Ken Clarke and Debbie Hawthorn-Toop email icon 35
European Coordinator  Floyd Poenitz  email icon 35
FloydPoenitz 50

European Youth Coordinator  Itamar email icon 35 

Kinship Germany Coordinator  Tanja Koppers email icon 35

Kinship Nederland Coordinator  Ruud Kieboom email icon 35
Ruud201405b 50

Kinship United Kingdom and Ireland  UK/Eire Leadership Team email icon 35
London Chapter Leaders  Adrian, Dan, and Mel email icon 35
Manchester Chapter Leader  Ornette D. Clennon email icon 35
"To caringly bring people to Jesus’ love by understanding where they are coming from and trusting the holy spirit to take them to where they need to go." If you want to join a lively group where we discuss the spiritual issues that matter to us and where we support each other on our spiritual journeys, then the Manchester Kinship Chapter is for you. For more information contact the chapter leader.

Kinship Espana Coordinator  Victorio email icon 35
♥ Bienvenido a SDA Kinship en España. Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International es una organización de apoyo dedicada a lo espiritual, emocional, social y el bienestar físico de los adventistas actuales y anteriores del séptimo día que son lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transexuales (LGBT). Creemos que todos somos creados a imagen de Dios y que nadie debe ser maltratado o discriminado a causa de sus diferencias de orientación sexual. Kinship es una organización de voluntarios que defiende los derechos humanos de todas las personas.
♥ Benvingut a SDA Kinship a Espanya. Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International és una organització de suport dedicada a l'espiritual, emocional, social i el benestar físic dels adventistes actuals i anteriors del setè dia que són lesbianes, gais, bisexuals i transsexuals (LGBT). Creiem que tots som creats a imatge de Déu i que ningú ha de ser maltractat o discriminat a causa de les seves diferències d'orientació sexual. Kinship és una organització de voluntaris que defensa els drets humans de totes les persones.
♥ Benvido á SDA Kinship en España. Seventh-day Adventist Kinship Internationall é unha organización dedicada á defensa, emocional, benestar físico e social espiritual dos adventistas actuais e antigos do sétimo día que son gays, lesbianas, bisexuais e transexuais (LGBT). Cremos que todos son creados á imaxe de Deus e que ninguén debe ser maltratados ou discriminados por mor das súas diferenzas de orientación sexual. O kinship é unha organización voluntaria que defende os dereitos humanos de todas as perso
Ongi etorri SDA Espainian Kinship. Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International. da, espirituala, emozionala, soziala eta fisikoa Adventistas egungo ohia eta Zazpigarren eguneko diren lesbiana, gay, bisexual eta transexualen (LGBT) ongizateari eskainitako Sustapen erakunde bat. Guztiak ez daudela, Jainkoaren irudi eta inork ez tratu txarrak izan behar da edo diskriminatuta bere orientazio sexuala desberdintasunak sortu dela uste dugu. Kinship boluntario erakundea dela defendatzen du pertsona guztien giza eskubideak da.
Mexico/Central America Coordinator  Central America Leadership Team email icon 35

Kinship Belize   email icon 35

Kinship Costa Rico  Alvaro Acosta email icon 35

Costa Rica 50Contact:

Location Costa Rica 

Phone +506-8902-0617 (Cel)

Kinship Cuba Contact   Mario  email icon 35

Kinship El Salvador Contact  Josué Hernandez email icon 35

profile placeholder 50Contact
Location El Salvador
Phone +503-7737-8105 (Cel)

Kinship Guatemala Contact  Sergio Bonilla email icon 35

Kinship Honduras  email icon 35

Kinship Mexico Coordinator  Jonatan Sanchez email icon 35
Mexico 50Facebook https//
Location Monterrey Phone +52-181-1919-8641 (Cel)

Kinship Nicaragua  email icon 35

Kinship Panama Contact  Alvaro Acosta email icon 35
Costa Rica 50Phone:  +50686570428

Kinship Jamaica   email icon 35

Kinship Peurto Rico   email icon 35
KinYouth Coordinator Español  Carlos Pajuelo email icon 35
profile placeholder 50Contact:
Location: Caracas Phone +58-414-8170002 (Cel)

Kinship Argentina Coordinator  Dario Franscoviaemail icon 35
Argentina Uruguay 50Contact
Facebook: https//
Location San Vicente, Misiones
Phone+54 9376-414-5918(Cel)

Kinship Bolivia Coordinator  Julio Leyva email icon 35
Peru 50Location Lima, Perú
Phone +51 999-676-122 (Cel)

Kinship Brazil Coordinator  Itamar Matos (Ita) email icon 35
Itamar 50Facebook https//
Location Brasília - DF
Phone +55 61 3034-7946 (Casa) +55 61 9292-5773 (Cel)
Skype fellowdfbr
North Brazil Chapter (AC, AP, AM, PA, RO, RR, TO) Leader  (TBD) email icon 35
Northeast Brazil Chapter (BA, SE, AL, PE, PB, RN, CE, PI, MA) Leader  (TBD) email icon 35
Midwest Brazil Chapter (DF, GO, MS, MT) Leader  Itamar Matos (Ita) email icon 35
South Brazil Chapter (PR, RS, SC) Leader  Rodrigo Anderson da Silva Kolosque Baena email icon 35
Southeast Brazil Chapter (SP, RJ, ES, MG) Leader  Carlos Custodio email icon 35

Kinship Chile Coordinator  Claudio Mattias email icon 35
Location Valparaiso
Phone +56-9-5018-3185(Cel)

Kinship Colombia Coordinator  Johny Ochoa email icon 35
Location Bogotá 
Phone +57 300 8181074 (Cel)

Kinship Ecuador Coordinator  Carlos Pajuelo email icon 35
profile placeholder 50Contact 
Location Caracas 
Phone +58-414-8170002 (Cel)

Kinship Paraguay Coordinator  Carlos Pajuelo email icon 35
profile placeholder 50Contact
Location Caracas
Phone +58-414-8170002 (Cel)

Kinship Peru Coordinator  Julio Leyva email icon 35
Peru 50Location Lima, Perú
Phone +51 999-676-122 (Cel)

Kinship Uruguay Coordinator  Dario Franscovia email icon 35
Argentina Uruguay 
Facebook https//
Location San Vicente, Misiones 

Phone+54 9376-414-5918 (Cel)

Kinship Venezuela Coordinator  Carlos Pajuelo email icon 35
profile placeholder
Location Caracas
Phone +58-414-8170002 (Cel)