European Kinship Meeting

SEPTEMBER 6-10, 2018



I am very happy to invite you to come to „my“ beautiful City!

For our EKM 2018, we will stay at “Don Bosco Haus”, a Center of Continuing Education, located in the 13th district of Vienna. This place is owned and operated by the “Salesians of Don Bosco”, an international religious (Catholic) community of consecrated men and women which is active in over 131 countries worldwide.

The center provides a nice meeting room for our group, a comfy place to sleep, food for vegetarians and meat eaters and very calm surroundings, which promise a very pleasant and relaxing stay (

Due to an excellent system of public transportation in Vienna, our quarters are only 25 minutes from the center of town.

Vienna is huge (not so much in expansion as in historical sites) and has a lot to offer. We would recommend a chat with Prof. Google to find out the most interesting things you definitely want to see or do, as we plan a sightseeing trip on Sunday. I will also pick up some special offers for you which I will explain in detail when we get there.


But first of all – how to get to “Don Bosco Haus” ...
... from Vienna International Airport (VIE) via public transportation:

“Wiener Linien” is the name of the local public transport system. See their homepage (tab for English): I will provide detailed information on ticketing and which lines to take (bus + subway) as we get closer to the date.

... from Airport Bratislava (BTS) via public transportation:
Vienna and Bratislava (Slovakia) are “Twin Cities”. Both capitals are only about 65 kilometers apart. There are good connections by train, bus or boat on a regular schedule.

The Bratislava Airport ( is located some distance from Vienna, but many cheap flights go there. This might be an alternative to travel to Vienna. Bratislava is one of the smaller capitals of Europe, but a nice city worth visiting. If you want to stop over, plan for half a day or one-day maximum. You might enjoy an inexpensive meal and a walk around town.

As there are so many connections, nearly every company has different options and offers to get to Vienna. Have a look yourself, and see if it´s worthwhile considering costs and time. Some helpful websites on travel-ling from Bratislava to Vienna:

Bus search engine:
Railway Slovakia:
Railway Austria:
Boat connection:

... by car:
You could take freeway A1 “Westautobahn”:

... or you could take freeway A2 “Südautobahn”:

... by walking from the subway station:
don bosco house

Some more information about Vienna and Don Bosco Haus: Vienna is a very safe city. Don Bosco Haus is located in a nice well-to-do neighborhood in the district called “Hietzing”, only about a 10-min. train-ride away from the world-famous castle “Schönbrunn”.

During our breaks, you might enjoy a walk in the nearby park or the surrounding area.

Rooms are available at 3 pm. If you get there earlier, you may drop your luggage and meet others for a cup of coffee or go for a walk

Our first meal is supper at 6–7 pm. Please let us know if you will be arriving later, so we can speak to the kitchen personal about saving
 food for you.

All rooms are 3-bed
rooms. They can be booked as single or double rooms, or even for three people if you wish. So, if you book a single room you have three beds to choose from… great, isn’t it?

Meeting room:
From Thursday through Saturday we have our own meeting room. For Sunday and Monday morning we might have to move to a different room, as we plan on having only short meetings then.

Free WIFI (WLAN) in all bedrooms as well as in the meeting rooms.

The Don Bosco Cafeteria provides coffee, tea, cake and other beverages. During breaks, this might just be your place to be (you order at your own expense).

...Enjoy EKM in Vienna
We hope to welcome you in Vienna for an enjoyable and blessed time together.

Some additional information:
We are happy to announce our speaker for EKM 2018! It will be Jean-Luc Rolland from France. To get an idea of who he is, these are his own words: “As a Christian I am a member and pastor of the SDA church, teacher, and researcher in history and practical theology as well as Docteur en histoire contemporaire (Uni-versité Paul Valéry, Montpellier) and Docteur en théologie (Institut prostestant de théologie, Montpellier).” He will introduce himself in detail at the meeting.

We are looking forward to meeting an outstanding theologian, a pianist and a person with a great sense of humor who is fun to be with. We will be blessed!

Jean-Luc is planning to be with us throughout the entire meeting and is eager to meet the Kinship community.

If you have questions, please contact Thomas, Frieder or Ingrid at

Registered persons will be added to the EKM 2018 WhatsApp group – if they wish – to receive updated news whenever there is more to share.

At this point, we cannot give you any information about the holiday location. Most likely it will be close to Vienna.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you and your friends in Vienna. Since this might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance, we are expecting many attendees! So, don’t wait too long to register!

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